Best travel pillows for every type of seat sleeper

There are various peoples out there who are gifted with the ability to fall as anywhere at any time, with light and noise condition no matter whether you are in train or plane or in car seat. While it is the biggest advantage for the people but it becomes a tension when it comes to neck pain and stiffness when you wake up. You may have faced a stiff neck, searing headache, and number lower back pain when you fall asleep on the seat of car, train or plane. There is various type of travel pillows are out there which can help you to have a better quality of sleep.

Here is a list of few pillows which can help you to have a better quality sleep when you fall asleep on a seat of car, train or plane while traveling.

Air comfy travel pillow

If you need neck or lumbar support then air comfy travel pillow is best suitable for you. Inflate it to the firmness you need and have a great journey ahead.

J pillows

 A ” j” shaped pillow resembles a whale tail and is the most popular traveling pillow among people. Most of the people love to have j shaped pillow while traveling because of the convenience it offers to travelers.

Eye mask and memory foam pillow travel kit

If you face problem to sleep in light then this travel kit is best suitable for you to have a better quality sleep while traveling. This pillow will help you to stay your head cradled securely at a place. But this is only usable in the case when there is no any screen on your seat back because you need to attach the eye mask back of your seat so that you will not drool during your journey.

Infinity pillow by Huzi design

There are various types of travel pillows are out there but this pillow behaves like a game changer because this pillow allows you to have a shape as you want in your pillow. You can wrap this pillow in multiple numbers of shapes so that you can travel with comfort and can attain a shape of the pillow which you want during your travel to have the best support with your pillow.

Other than the shapes the higher quality bamboo fabric offers you a cozy comfort thus you can enjoy your sleeping. You can wear this over your ears to the cancellation of noise produced to have a quality sleep during your journey.

Brook-stone convertible travel blanket

This pillow is for the times when there is too cold out and you want to have cozy comfort while traveling. This pillow is light-weight so that you can easily pack this pillow when you go for a trip and can have cozy comfort during your journey. 

Cabeau evolution cool pillow

This pillow is for the peoples who want to keep their eyes or neck cool in hot summers. If it is the time of the summers and there is high hot outside then this type of pillow is best suited to you to have a comfortable sleep during your traveling.

This pillow is filled with the memory foam allows circulating cool air so that you can have fluffy soft touch with cooler air makes you sleep during your vacation or wherever you are and no matter in what condition you are and wants to fall asleep.

Ostrich pillow light

If your neighboring travelers are annoying and frustrating and if you want to have silence from such noises of your neighbors then an ostrich pillow light is the best pillow for you, this pillow is light in weight and you don’t have to make lots of efforts in buying this pillow as you can easily find the pillow online.

If you are a traveler, if you love to travel over and over again then this ostrich pillow light is the perfect pillow for you to have deep relaxation and deeper sleep during your traveling period.

Aeries memory foam travel neck pillow kit

If you are a light sleeper then this Aeries memory foam travel neck pillow kit is the perfect choice for you.  The kit contains ear plugs, soft sleep mask, and a pillow to turn around your neck to support your neck during your traveling.

Eddie Bauer travel pillow

This pillow is perfect for kids and toddlers to make them sleep comfortably during their vacation. if you have a tiny traveler with you then this pillow is just for you while this pillow is popular for tiny travelers on a long plane.

Tumi Pax on the go packable jackets

If you are the one who just takes necessary things during your traveling and loves to pick up only the necessary must-haves during vacation then this pillow is just for you. The pillow can be converted into a jacket and at a time as a pillow which can be used during traveling. You just have to roll over your neck and enjoy the support of the pillow during your travel period.

This is wind and water-proof fabric when you use it as your jacket.

If you feel tired and sleep over the tray table then it may affect your health because a study says that a tray table contains 10 times more germs as compared to a toilet thus it is recommended to you that you should have your own pillow during your journey so that you can have a great quality sleep during commuting and you will keep yourself fresh at your destination.

Sometimes, people go to travel with lots of excitement and reach their dream destination but after reaching dream destination, they just need a place to get rest and spend their holidays without even doing fun and exciting activities such as games or adventure or sightseeing make a trip not worthy but now a single pillow can make your trip a great one because you can fall asleep during commutation and can reach your favorite dream destination with lots of excitement and energy. A single pillow can make your journey a beautiful one and allows you to explore more and more things out there at that place.  


Summertime is all about beach days, outdoor activities, kayaking and much more fun. But summer can make you have lots of sleepless nights because of scorching heat. While air conditioners are a good option to fight with the scorching heat of the weather but it is not a budget and environmentally friendly option.

If you are looking for some tricks to beat the heat this summer then here are some tricks to survive hot summer nights.

1.    Go with a cotton bed sheet

Cotton is light in weight, breathable and cooler than that of polyester, silk or other fabrics. If you are still using polyester or silk bed sheets then switch to cotton right now. I assure you that you will feel a significant difference and would not go back to silk and polyester in future.

Cotton bed sheets help you to feel relaxing thus you will be able to have quality sleep without tossing or turning in bed struggling with the heat. 

2.    Be smart with your fans

If the fan of your room just circulates hot air in your room then try pointing a box fan outward. This fan will suck all hot air inside the room such that your fan will circulate cool air in your room.

If you have a table fan in front of your bed then put ice in front of a fan to feel the coolness.

3.    Wear right clothes

Cotton is the best fabric for summers because cotton is light, breathable and airy making you feel relaxed. Wear right pajamas and shirt to feel relaxed, go with the loose cotton clothes allow air to go inside.  

4.    Sleep Alone

 If you want to have good sleep at night then you should try to sleep alone especially if you are a cuddler.  If you will sleep alone then you are not adding any extra body heat in your room. Thus you will feel cooler.

5.    Drink water or stay hydrated more

 If you are addicted to alcohol then you should avoid alcohol in summers because alcohol raises the temperature of your body, as a result, disturb your sleep.  On the other hand, if you keep yourself hydrated then you will get the best quality sleep as well as you will feel refreshing.  so don’t forget to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

6.    Take a cold shower before going to bed

 Taking a cold shower before going to bed will make you feel refresh and cooler.  This doesn’t only help you to cool your body temperature but as well as rinse the layer of sweat off your body.

7.    Turn off all the lights and electronics appliances

 All electric appliances generate heat which can make your surrounding air hotter so you should turn off as many as lights and electric appliances you can.

 If you turn off all the electronic appliances then this will make the air of your home cool at night and can have good sleep.

8.    Get low

 If you are living in a home with more than one Level then try to sleep at the lowest level of your home.  The lowest level of a home is always cooler as compared to the upper levels because of the direct sunlight falling on the upper levels.

 On the other hand, if you are living in a single level home then you can put the mattresses on the floor to beat the heat.

9.    Keep your food cool and avoid using an oven

While many people take summer as the best time to eat outdoors, but there are food and the drinks which are not enjoyable when heated by the sun. avoid cooking before going to bed and if you still need to cook then take a cold shower after cooking to feel relax.

Consider making cold soups to beat the heat and the food which does not require an oven. Try to drink more and more water as compare eating outdoors.

10.    Stay cool while you sleep

Summers are the worst time to have good quality sleep even you need to face the completely sleepless nights but now you don’t need to do so. Choose a right type of pillow and keep your head on it to feel cool, use wet bed sheets to feel cooler and try to feel relaxed to avoid sleepless nights.

11.    Acupressure

You might not have heard before that how acupressure can help you to beat the heat, but it is possible if you are stuck in the heat and unable to find the cooler place then find out the best cooling points.

After knowing your cooling points, wrap a piece of ice in a cotton cloth and place it at cooling points to feel coolness and ultimate relaxation.

For example: keep an ice piece on neck and wrist to feel the ultimate cooling experience.

12.    Take some dry measures

Give summer vacations to your dryers, hand out your bed sheets and clothes out to dry. These will make you feel cool air. Don’t dry your bed sheets completely, keep them little wet and use the same at night.

13.    Swimming

Swimming is one of the best options to beat the heat in summers. Take a dip in your personal swimming pool or in a public pool. There is no any better option than swimming in cold water to beat the heat of the summers. You can also swim before going to bed to feel ultimate relaxation.  

14.    Eat cool, stay cool 

According to a study, if you eat cool then you will stay cool. Consume such food which makes you feel cooler from inside and outside. Eat fruits, veggies rather than having spicy and salty food. You can also enjoy water workouts and can have an adventure as well. 

While summers are the best time for outdoor activities but it is also a struggling one when you want to have quality sleep. If you are turning on the bed and fighting with the summer heat then try these above tricks. These tricks will make your summer nights relaxing.